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Parni Valjak

The most famous rock band from south-east Europe .

Can you describe your business and what you do?

Our business is music, well the 'online side of music'. We're agency owned by the most famous rock band from south-east Europe named Parni Valjak. We handle their online communication (social and web). Target market for our services are all musicians in region in need of a good online presence so the plan is to expand services to other musicians in the region including online and offline services.

As a big rock band from south-east Europe with 400k fan base on Facebook and over 40 years of existence our production standards are really high so as our online communication standards. We wanted a reliable company to handle the hosting of our website. Having a website that will work flawlessly is no. 1 goal of every company, band or individual, but one of the main problem is good server and hosting.

When we started building our new web site we wanted the best, so we choose EuroVPS. From the beginning we knew we choose right.
Parni Valjak Stage

What CMS / Application are you hosting?

All our websites are built exclusively in Wordpress. Why? It's open sourced, have a great community and is regular updated

What kind of problems did you experience at your previous host?

When we started the project of building a new web site we didn't have a previous hosting company, but we had a company that managed all our online needs (they had their own servers). We didn't have much technical problems with them (e.g. site downtime), but rather communication problems since they were really busy and did not service all our needs on time.

This was one of the reasons why we decided to have our own team that will service us exclusively and other musicians in region and of course why we choose to have our own servers by choosing EuroVPS.

How do our services assist you in managing your online business?

When we decided to use EuroVPS for our hosting partner we wanted to be sure we can focus on generating content, building our fan base and communication with them, not servicing servers and panicking why something isn't working. As a result of joining the EuroVPS we found that they can solve all problems quickly and professionally.

Also what is one of the general thing we like about them that they're always available and we can communicate with them without having to wait long for the answers.

What performance benefits did you gain moving to us?

As we said earlier, we don't have such data and our main reason why we switched to EuroVPS is not because we were dissatisfied with previous company (regarding their hosting service) but because of lack of communication and proposing new ideas.

How do you feel about the ongoing managed support?

Having a managed support included in your server is great since you know that you have a team of trained professionals who can handle all kinds of request and problems and that they'll fix them quickly.

How have your costs changed since you joined EuroVPS?

In terms of cost, joining to the EuroVPS has raised our overall cost, since with previous company we got different kind of deal, but when we sum everything, we think it's better for us to pay more for good service that will handle all our problems, then having a bad or not reliable service for less money.

In three words, how would you describe us?

Support and managed servers.

Why would you recommend EuroVPS?

We would definitely recommend EuroVPS to everyone who wants great service, and who don't want to worry about server side problems.

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