Hani Hourani's Tsar Digital drives marketing ROI by using AI to track and streamline their client's campaigns.

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You just pay the bill and move on, if something should happen you know that within 15 minutes someone is working to fix it.

Hani Hourani, Founder
  • Monthly Traffic 10,000+ Visitors
  • Product VPS Hosting
  • Industry MarkTech
  • URL Unlisted
  • Company Tsar Digital
  • Country Israel
With ad spend quickly starting to eat up budgets, a way to improve the effectiveness of client advertising efforts was crucial.

Hani Hourani's Story

Hani graduated with a degree in computer science but he “was always interested in data analytics.”

“Specifically [I was interested in] automating AI rules that can infer data that we may miss initially and implementing interfaces to leverage these rules for more effective digital marketing.”

He started out his career as a web-developer but eventually “gravitated towards marketing” where he is now the founder of TsarDigital, a company that creates powerful AI aimed at helping organizations increase the profitability of their online advertising efforts.

Over the years Hani had tried working with several hosts, and experimented with everything from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated servers.

On coming to EuroVPS

...once I tried EuroVPS and saw the level of support and the reliability of the service on offer I have been with them for 4 years.

Hani first started working with EuroVPS as head of development at his previous company. The first thing he did was migrate all of their activity to EuroVPS and when he started his own business TsarDigital, he knew he didn’t have to go looking for another host.

With EuroVPS, and in the most simple possible terms to say this, you just pay the bill and move on. If, should anything happen, you know within 15 minutes somebody is working to fix it

The impact of hosting

When asked what impact, if any, hosting has had on his business Hani replied:

“Without EuroVPS our business cannot operate. In the world of online marketing, even a tenth of a second is important. EuroVPS offers us with fast, reliable servers that provide the infrastructure we need to offer the best and most quick page loads possible. And the technical support and know-how to deal with any issues that may happen.”

What's next for TsarDigital?

“We strive to help businesses that advertise online save money and advertise more effectively by better understanding their customers from an analytical point of view."

We serve clients that have both simple and complex needs, but the one common reality is that strong support saves business owners time, money and stress. This in turn empowers them to grow their businesses with the confidence of knowing that they have a reliable partner working with them behind the scenes:

I have, on numerous occasions, been surprised again and again by support agents doing above and beyond what was asked of them. Just yesterday I ordered a new VPS because one website was making my other VPS slow. Not only did they deliver it quickly. they automatically migrated the website without even me asking. All I had to do was change the DNS. Talk about support.

Hani's Favorite Benefits:

High performance servers with almost no issues.
Team goes above and beyond the scope of support to help.
The price is affordable and extremely good value for money.
Knowing that someone's always looking out for his servers.

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