Customer Story

ClubPay Ltd.

Providing E-Commerce Services for Amateur Sports Clubs in the UK

Can you describe your business and what you do?

ClubPay’s primary line of business is providing e-commerce services to amateur sports clubs in the UK. We use a CS-Cart-based platform, with additional customisation, to capture membership data and payments for our customers. We need a stable, reliable, 24x7x365 platform that is extensible according to the needs of our customer base – EuroVPS give us this at a fair price.

We also host a range of similar e-commerce sites for customers ranging from a cricket equipment shop to a provider of sports courses for children. In all cases it is essential that we can be flexible and adaptable. EuroVPS have given us unbeatable support in running subtle variants of e-commerce platforms, with subtly differing requirements, on the same cost-effective infrastructure.

What CMS / Application are you hosting?

With a core business model predicated on eCommerce, we have settled on CS-Cart and Joomla as our main platforms, but have tested and assessed a range of other platforms across the same single VPS without the slightest problem; environments are stable and self-contained.

We are in the process of developing a bespoke PHP-based platform for ClubPay v2, overlaid by Joomla. There is no expectation that this will require additional server power but we know EuroVPS will be able to scale at very little notice should we encounter issues

What kind of problems did you experience at your previous host?

Fundamentally, on the VPS we had with our previous provider, we had moderate reliability and a reasonable service at a good price; we also had limitations and constraints that were impeding our ability to grow our business. We need excellent reliability & performance, top quality service and a sensible price that reflects the service we get. EuroVPS fit the bill precisely in this respect.

We would struggle to find a better package at a better price and frankly, with the relationship we have in place with EuroVPS, it makes no sense to try.

How do our services assist you in managing your online business?

​​Given that our customers depend upon us for availability, reliability, flexibility and responsiveness, it was important to us that we found a Hosting Partner who traded on these values and took as much pride in delivering against them as we do. Our expertise, of necessity, lies in business and not in the technical realm.

EuroVPS have worked with us at every stage to help ensure our infrastructure meets our availability and capacity requirements and helping us to understand the processes required to maintain it properly. On the very rare occasions that we do experience problems, the EuroVPS techies are always extremely helpful in ensuring that we understand what happened, why and what needs to be done in future to avoid recurrence.

How do you feel about the ongoing managed support?

We operate an eCommercce and IT Services Business, not an out-and-out technical business. While not completely without technical skills, having a Managed Service in place allows us to operate a more efficient business model – one that focuses on business matters rather than having to employexpensive resource dedicated to maintaining infrastructure. In turn this allows us to offer a more cost-effective service to our customers. It also helps us to maintain availability and reliability.

How have your costs changed since you joined EuroVPS?

We moved from a very cheap provider (with service to match) so even with the low cost four year deal we took when we moved to EuroVPS, our cost base actually increased. However, the combination of customer retention and new growth we have achieved since switching to EuroVPS has more than covered the increase.

In any case, money is only poorly spent when it achieves a poor return on investment. We have had excellent value for money from EuroVPS and providing they remain as efficient and proactive as they have been over the four years we have been with them we are likely to remain loyal customers for some time to come.

In three words, how would you describe us?

Dependability; capability; partnership.

Why would you recommend EuroVPS?

Yes, absolutely. Why? Please see above!

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