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Allan Todd's Story

Allan ran a successful real estate business in Southern Spain selling to UK expats who wanted to retire or own vacation property “in the sunshine.” He realized early on that the internet would be a valuable tool in for his business and he would leverage the accessibility it provides to market property and offer his prospective clients a more thorough and up-to-date view of the properties they may be interested in.

After reviewing his options with web developers and designers he decided to venture out on his own and build a website himself. Through the experience gained from building his own online business he eventually decided to go into business creating several niche websites for his clients.

Allan's past experience with hosts

Up until this point, Allan had been hosting with a friend of his who had managed to provide superb service. However, when it came time to move to a commercial host, the situation changed and the impact of a web host’s role became clear.

"With regard to hosting all went well for the first year, however, once sales started to build and blogs started to get popular then it went all wrong. The hosting just could not cope, sites would continually crash, page views and sales plummeted. The help service was slow often 48 hours, the technical support and advice awful."

It was at this point that Allan realized the impact that a good host can have on your business. He spent 14 months moving between several companies - “the stress and cost of lost revenue was horrendous and the service never seemed to improve.” Per his own admission, he was very close to closing up shop and moving on.

On coming to EuroVPS

“One night on trolling google I discovered EuoVPS, immediately sent them an email explaining my hosting requirements and the troubles I was experiencing. They were on the case right away, transferred my websites and over the years I have hosted with them I have never looked back since.”

Of course, every online business faces it’s own technical challenges - and sometimes things go wrong, it’s at these points that Allan is thankful that he can rely on the experience of our support team.

"I still know very little about the workings of hosting, however, as soon as something is not right and I contact support they are back to me almost instantly and resolve the issue quickly."

The help and assistance is amazing, the support staff understand my lack of knowledge and are always friendly and supportive in advising me.

Since joining EuroVps Allan has now has over 100 clients that he hosts on his VPS and he credits EuroVPS’s support staff for helping him tremendously in the transition from an aspiring web-developer to a full time freelance web designer.

What's next for Gipat?

When asked about his aspirations moving forward, Allan notes that having a reliable host provides him with the peace of mind that allows him to continue to be productive and build websites for his clients.

" the ripe age of seventy I don't want to be a slave to the computer, now that I have no hosting issues I am happy to continue creating and building websites and keep my clients happy with high performance websites that run efficiently."

I have a few ideas in the pipeline all of which are possible due to the fact that I have access to high performance hosting and the backup of a fantastic support team!

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