Database Replication

Protect your Databases with Realtime Galera Replication

Protect your Critical Databases

Backing up databases isn't enough when you can't afford to miss even a single transaction. It's impossible to continuously backup databases without a proper replication strategy.

Why we love Galera MySQL Replication

With MariaDB/Galera MySQL replication, you'll be able to survive a complete physical node failure without any interruption in service. When the failed server is returned to service, it will resynchronize database activity from its partner server, and immediately be reinserted into the live database cluster. There are many business and technical benefits of using Galera for MySQL replication.

If you are serious about the data-integrity of your critical MySQL databases, but don't have the expertise required to implement a highly available MySQL replication cluster, then we can help.

Business Benefits

  • Realtime Database Server Mirroring and Failover with no headaches
  • Remote Database replication & database snapshots going back in time as long as you want
  • Huge database arrays with multiple SAN controller heads in active-active config
  • Solid State Storage – All Managed Replicated Database servers are 100% SSD
  • Provides a solid footing for your dynamic application’s database requirements

Technical Benefits:

  • Multimaster Cluster: Transactions can be executed on all nodes in parallel
  • Write scalability: Writes are distributed across distributed database cluster for faster transactions.
  • Hot Standby: No downtime during failover (since there is no failover).
  • Transparent to applications: Required no (or minimal) changes) to the application