Offsite Data Vaulting

Offsite data vaulting for long-term backups

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Resilient, dependable, and durable

There is no safer cold storage option for your data than digital tapes.

We own and operate several HP MSL Backup Tape Libraries which are positioned in both of our Amsterdam datacenters, ready to backup your critical data on physical tape. These tapes can last for decades, even under the harshest conditions. Since these can easily be taken offsite, we can ship them to your offices on request and rotate tapes using UPS shipping.

Features and Benefits:

  • 365 Day Retention Period: Backups can be kept for one year and are stored in a secure offsite location.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ability to maintain all your data at your local office for compliance reasons.
  • Fast Restores: Usable backups that you can use to quickly rebuild a dedicated system in minutes.
  • Data Consistency: Consistent backups of databases, without locking tables along the way.
  • Reliable Scheduling: Monitoring to ensure scheduled backups take place without errors.
  • Confidence: Confidence that you can quickly and effectively recover from any event, at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does this cost? To request pricing please contact us.
  • Can you send tapes to us by post? Yes, we offer the option of a rotating tape schedule where we send you the physical tapes or drives (if you do not want to use tapes) to your office address.
  • Where is your offsite datacenter?Offsite backups are sent to our secondary datacenter location 30km away, in Schiphol Rijk, Netherlands.

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