Business Continuity

Prevent Business Crushing Downtime and Data Loss

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Enterprise Business Continuity Solutions?

If you're data is business-critical, we can help. EuroVPS has the experience and infrastructure needed to support a wide range of business continuity requirements. From a simple offsite backup setup, to large projects with realtime replication and clustered configurations - we know what it takes to get the job done.

Business Benefits:

Offsite Data Protection and Vaulting

While it is neither new nor sexy, there is no safer cold storage than tape. Google uses tape backup for Gmail. To make sure the tape media always work, they run recovery in an endless loop. We don’t go quite that far, but we do test recovery on a set schedule.

Realtime Database Replication

Every dynamic website has a database or two which is critical to it’s proper operation. Whether your application requires MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, EuroVPS can build the proper database replication solution to exactly match your requirements.

Realtime Block Level Replication

We are one of the only providers in Europe to offer geographic block storage replication. Each data store is synchronously replicated over a transit fabric at 4Gb/s, to a remote site 9200m away. In the event of a complete primary storage failure, data stores can immediately “Failover” to the standby SAN without dropping links or timing out.

Disaster Recovery Planning

We backup every customer’s data, but some data needs to be archived on different schedules or your databases might require continuous backup through replication. Everyone's DR plan is unique. But an absence of written guidelines increases risk of a disappointment during a disaster. To reduce the chances of that we can help you to write and implement a disaster recovery plan, that actually works.

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