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We're the host people turn to when they get sad at other hosts

We started with a simple idea — that Europe needed a managed hosting provider that could provide smaller businesses access to the same enterprise-grade hosting that larger businesses had access to, but at more reasonable pricing.

5 Reasons we think we’re an ideal choice.

  • 1. We love our Job

    Managed hosting is our passion. We enjoy our work, and this is the driving force behind our continuous growth. Technology is constantly evolving and it’s important to harness new technologies as they mature to not only build new products, but also to constantly improve your existing infrastructure.

  • 2. We’re Perfectionists

    Because our job requires it - we host some of the largest websites and portals in Europe. Everything we build, we build it right, no expense spared. Where others would use desktop parts to cut corners, we won’t build anything that doesn’t look at home in a Bank’s datacenter.

  • 3. We’re Experienced.

    We’ve been doing professional web hosting since 2004. That's a looong time. We serve thousands of clients, most small, many mid size, and some large. The experience accumulated from over 15 years of high level projects results in invaluable experience that helps us provide a high quality product for all our clients.

  • 4. We’re Qualified

    Our entire staff undergoes rigorous, regular training by accredited institutions. We have a growth mindset and are constantly learning faster and more efficient ways to manage our workloads. A high quality server, is nothing without highly trained engineers working on it.

  • 5. We’re Independent

    Our servers are really "our" servers. We're not a reseller, and we don't rent or lease. We even have backup hardware on-hand, should it be needed, in order to minimize downtime. We don't have outside investors applying pressure, nor are we looking for any. We cherish our independence.

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